LEASE TERMS & CONDITIONS: You are renting a room with shared amenities hence considered a Guest/Boarder paying weekly rent. Landlord is allowed access to your room to deal with any emergencies, without notice. You agree to abide by the following terms and conditions for the period of your stay. 

APPLICATION: For your safety, all guests are screened and references verified (credit check/ background check requires a fee of $35 per applicant). We also require a photo ID (drivers license and school ID), 2 references and a signed rental lease. Parents may need to sign as guarantor if needed.

RATES/DEPOSIT:  Rates, depending upon your housing choice, are $100-200 per week (Sunday to Saturday period, basic utilities included are $25/week, any excess will be charged back to you).  Partial weeks count as full week. Your rental week begins Sunday and ends Saturday. Rent is due for the whole week, even if you stay partial days.

You will be renting a private bedroom (twin or larger bed) with a shared bathroom and have access to selected common areas. WE DO NOT HAVE "PRIVATE" or "FEMALE ONLY" BATHROOMS.  Both males and females live here. 1 adult per room, no couples unless pre-approved.

PAYMENT: Full payment is due at Check-in. A damage deposit of one month rent is also required and refunded at Check-out if no damage.  

EARLY TERMINATION: You are responsible for the period agreed in your Lease. No refunds are issued if you move out before your agreed term expires. With mutual consent, we may agree to terminate your Lease early with a 4-week notice and equivalent rent penalty.

NO OVERNIGHT GUESTS:  For privacy and security of other guests, no overnight guests are allowed unless approved by the landlord first. $50/day penalty and immediate eviction, if unauthorized guests are found to stay overnight.

NO SMOKING / NO PETS/ NO HUKKA:  Smoking inside the premises or bringing pets will have $400 penalty, immediate eviction plus cost of all clean-up.

RENTERS INSURANCE:  Renters must arrange Renters insurance at $15/month to cover for contents and damage to the property and provide proof of such coverage within a week of move-in.
SUPPLIES:  Pillows, Pots/Pans, Dishes, Glasses, Cutlery,Toaster-oven, Iron, Ironing board all provided! Must bring own linen, towel and toiletries.

FURNISHINGS:  A bed (twin or larger), a desk or table, chair are provided. You can buy anything else, extra lamps at local Walmart.

UTILITIES:  $25/week covers basic utilities, any interruptions in service are those companies responsibility and we are not responsible for any damage, delay or inconvenience to you. Excessive utility bills over $25/wk per person (electric, water, gas, internet, cable) are charged back to you.

LATE FEE: Rents are due on the date stipulated in your lease after which a $100 penalty for late payment will apply.EVICTIONS are filed on the 3rd day of non payment. A legal fee of $250 will apply then.

COLLECTION & DELINQUENCY: All collections, lateness and delinquencies are reported to credit bureaus and your school. This may ruin your good credit and impede getting clearance for future career opportunities.

CARS: Limited cars are available to qualified drivers on first-come-first-served basis. Charges are $16-22/day (on weekly basis) plus insurance!

CLEANING:  Guests are expected to maintain cleanliness of the room and all common areas (Kitchen, Bath, Living Room, Dining etc), else the landlord reserves the right to call maid service at your expense. Long term guests will have monthly maid service charged at $25/month. A cleaning fee of $25 applies upon departure to all guests. 

NOTE: Rooms are not guaranteed and subject to present tenant vacating. Every effort will be made to accommodate your choice of room, but the location and type is not guaranteed and we are NOT RESPONSIBLE for any changes beyond our control. You will have to make your own arrangements if a room is overstayed and not vacated when you get here. 

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